Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Months Old and the Terrible Two's

We took Logan to his two month check up and he passed with flying colors. He was 14lbs and 2 ft and 5 inches long; putting him in the 90th%. So far Mara is the runt with only getting in the 75% to 80% at best! I would post a picture of him, but I can't get the darn pictures to download. He looks a lot like Lexi did when she was a baby. He has very fare skin, blond hair and his eyes are getting more blue each day. We are lucky because he sleeps through the night already; now if his older sisters would follow his example that would be great!

We are getting ready to experience our first Minnesota winter. I bought the girls winter coats yesterday and they were excited. Lexi keeps asking when the snow is coming so she can build a snow man. For a girl that hates the cold I don't know if she really knows what she is asking for.

Mara is talking more and more each day and manifesting that she is turning two more and more each day. She loves to color and paint. The problem is she painted our house with Lexi's water colors and drew pictures with markers on the furniture. Luckily they come off easily. She also loves to take away toys from Lexi and run off with them laughing. She is a ham and a tease! Hopefully Nate will help me with the darn pictures so I can post some of Logan and of the girls in their Halloween costumes.

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