Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Month in Minnesota

Minnesota is wonderful! The move went as good as any move could go. I am 30 weeks pregnant now, and would not recommend moving while pregnant to anyone! ( This is the second time we have moved when I have been pregnant. ) The picture above was taken at the Como Zoo. It is a free Zoo. We took everyone there and went on a picnic after seeing the animals.

The girls are starting to interact a lot more and play together which has been a lot of fun to watch. The top picture we were watching Mara's favorite movie, "Tangled" and they sat so nicely together. The bottom picture; Lexi told us Mara was crying, but we brushed it off. Before we went to bed we checked on them and Lexi had her arm around Mara to comfort her. It was very sweet.

One of my goals is to teach Lexi a few things before Kindergarten. So we counted and pasted beans to the piece of paper. (Unfortunately she reminds me of me when it comes to learning. She is very stubborn and opinionated.) After she had completed the activity she wanted to share her completed work with everyone.

For Graduation and Father's Day Nate was given a bike and trailer to pull the girls in. The girls need to wear helmets, so Mara inherited Lexi's old helmet. It's a little big, but will work for now.

We bought the girls bunk beds and they both have really loved them. Lexi refers to it as her "ladder". Mara has adjusted very well to sleeping in a real bed. She reminds us more and more each day of her cousin Kameron. He has a blanket he is attached to, Mara has followed in his footsteps. She pulls some of the same faces he does. Its been a lot of fun to see her personality come out more and more.

Our ward and neighbors have been very kind and welcoming. It has rained quite a bit and been fairly cool, but we are still having fun with all of the different trails, lakes and parks. The humidity has not been too bad, but there have been days when it has been pretty high. For example the picture above is how Lexi woke up one morning. Her hair might remind you of the orphan Annie.