Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lexi's Favorite Things

Lexi, like all kids, has her favorite things. Here are the top 5...

5. Elmo, Monsters Inc. and Pooh Bear - Lexi loves Elmo's world, but doesn't understand why I can't just turn on the TV at any given time to watch Elmo. Or why Sesame Street isn't constantly playing clips with Elmo in them. Monsters Inc and Winnie the Pooh are her favorite movies to watch. She thinks Sully is so silly and thinks any teddy bear's name is Pooh.

4. Clothes and shoes - Lexi is very particular about what clothes she will wear. For example; if we do not tell her how cute she looks in the morning she will undress herself and pick out a new outfit. My sister Natalie bought her some pajamas and she would give them loves. She also loves to carry her clothes around the house. They have ended up in her potty, the sink and the garbage can. We went to the shoe store last week and Lexi was in heaven. She insisted that we buy some Disney Princess sandals, but I said no considering it is approaching winter. Everywhere we have gone this week she has shown people her new Dora shoes.

3. Music - When I was pregnant with Lexi anytime an upbeat song would come on she would move around a lot. Things haven't changed. Both Grandma's have pianos and she loves to put music out, sit down and play. She also loves to sing! She will sing as she falls asleep, while she plays, and (my favorite) at church with the congregation. I almost forgot to mention she LOVES rock band! She grabs the mic and won't let anyone else sing. And she sings very loudly.

2. Books - I take Lexi to story time usually once a week (if things are going smoothly that week). She loves to look at all the books she can. At home she will grab a bunch of her books and carry them around in her back pack, or she will sit on the couch and read them to her dolls. She can be entertained with them for a very long time.

1. Mom and Dad - I don't mean to boast, but I do think her most favorite things are her parents. All day she will ask where Daddy is. She will also grab his shoes and say, "Daddy's shoes?" And will keep asking me until I say "Yes, those are Daddy's." This will happen a dozen times through out the day. When Nate gets home she gets very excited, but likes him to chase her. She will greet him at the door then book it giggling the entire way. She is a big time mama's girl and loves to be where ever I am. She has recently started calling me "Ma". If she can't find me she goes through out the house yelling, "Ma! Ma!"

I do hope she grows out her clothes and shoes passion, but if not, I will pray for understanding and tolerance. I have never been that into fashion (obviously), but maybe she will be able to give me a few pointers. She is a lot of fun to have around!

Business Trip

Lexi and I took a business trip out to Utah to do some canning with my mom. We had a lot of fun. My mom and I canned 120 quarts of applesauce and 30 quarts of apple pie slices in 4 days. Needless to say we were both pretty tired at the end. Lexi watched a lot of movies, but was a trooper to let us work very hard. She loved getting Grandpa's lunchbox and the toy keys to pretend that she was going to work.