Thursday, November 5, 2009


Nate's nickname to his brother Matt is Molegone. Nate had a mole removed a while back and his brother started calling him Molegone. After we were married Matt decided to call us Molegone-ites. When Lexi put the headband on; the first thought I had was she looked like a Nephite from the Book of Mormon. Then I thought Molegone-ites!!!

Mother Daughter Hike

The weather has been remarkably beautiful (especially since we were snowed in last week). Lexi and I decided to go out for a hike. Lexi walked the entire time until the end when her hands started bleeding from being overly scraped from falling on the rocks repeatedly. That was the only time she let me hold her. It was SO much fun to watch her discover things and hear her ramble the entire way. She was wiped out when we came home.

Putt-Putt and Special Visitors

Halloween day did not go as exactly planned. My mom and sister were driving in and the roads closed putting them back two days! They were remarkable and still came for a quick forty hour visit on Halloween day. Knowing they wouldn't arrive until dinner time I wasn't sure if we would have time to eat and take Lexi trick or treating; so I decided to take Lexi to a trick or treat street at Mr. Biggs before they arrived. She quickly caught on to the whole concept of getting candy and would stick her bucket out. One booth we went to was handing out free admission tickets to play in their facility. I decided that mini golf would be fun for both of us and we had a great time. Our play was cut short because Lexi decided to throw her ball in the water on hole 14. It was a very fun day and a great visit with my family. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful family!


Lexi dressed up as a witch this year for Halloween. It took one hour to convince her to wear her costume and dress her. I had to keep telling her how cute she looked and that she was so pretty. After I had her dressed it took another twenty minutes to persuade her to get her picture taken.

This year our HOA had a party for kids 3 and under so I decided to take Lexi. Luckily Nate came too which was a lot of fun! They had crafts, games, and candy for the kids. Lexi was a little timid at first, but warmed right up.

Her favorite activity was definitely the parachute and was quite distraught when they put it away. She also enjoyed the bean bag toss and was very good taking turns with the other kids. Bowling was quite a sight and she struggled a little bit more taking turn with that one.