Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The New Addition to Our Family

I totally forgot to mention in my last post that we found out we are going to be blessed with another baby girl. We had a name picked out for a girl, but not for a boy so that made things easier. Also, because this baby is due in January and Lexi's birthday is in January we are already fully stocked with clothes. The name we decided is Mara Sandra Lund. I've always really liked the name Mara. Sandra is after Nate's mom. Nate's mom is the closet thing you will come to meeting an angel. She is a very special woman who we both deeply admire. We are teaching Lexi to say Mara and she will point to her belly and say her version of the word Mara. I am pretty sure she is going to love having a baby around the house...sharing her mom will be a different story :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elmo, Mail and Rain

This afternoon was very memorable for me. This morning Lexi and I went to story time, but arrived too late so I decided we could check out some Elmo's World DVD's and to watch in the afternoon. We had a great day together. We went to the park, ate lunch, then Lexi slept for two and half hours which meant I slept for an hour which was GREAT!!! After she woke up, I needed to get some chores done, so I decided to put in the Elmo's World DVD. I took out the trash and grabbed the mail keys. After getting the mail I went to open up our front door and it was locked!!! I started knocking on the door and looking at Lexi to let me in. She wouldn't move because Elmo was on and she LOVES Elmo's world. After the DVD was over I kept trying to convince her to unlock the door and let me in. She had decided to grab the phone and one of my books; which are both off limits to her and play with them. I started praying she would stay out of the kitchen and bathroom and basement. I ran over to my neighbors house to use her phone to call Nate to come home ASAP to let me in the house. I went back to our house to keep an eye on Lexi through the windows and continued to try to break in and/or convince Lexi to unlock the door. Keep in mind it was about 45 degrees and I didn't bring a coat because I was only taking out the trash and getting the mail. My hands and feet were freezing and then it started to rain. After an hour and twenty minutes Nate came home and let me in!!! As soon as he got out of the car I said, "If you could just laugh about this that would be great!" He simply replied, "How could I not laugh about something this funny?" I am so thankful Lexi wasn't hurt or didn't hurt anything and I only was wet and cold.