Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ugly Brown Outfit

Nate and his sister Julia inherited an ugly brown outfit from their brother Micheal. Rumor has it that our nephew Micah (Micheal's son) would wear this brown outfit and Nate thought it was the funniest thing to see him wearing, so it was given to him to dress his posterity. When Kenner (Julia's oldest son) was a baby they dressed him in this outfit. In June while Julia was visiting they dressed Kameron (Julia's youngest son) in the outfit. I don't think it matters what this kid wears he is so cute!!! I love his smile.

For some reason I assumed because Lexi is a girl she would not be dressed in this revolting thing. I was very wrong. The other day I went to take some pictures of her and to my surprise I found lots of pictures of her dressed wearing this hideous brown outfit. It doesn't stop there. I asked Nate to print off some pictures for one of the frames we have in the front room. He decided to print off a 4x6 picture of Lexi dressed in this ugly brown outfit. The poor girl. Now anyone that comes over will see Lexi dressed like a boy. Luckily there are plenty of other cute girly pictures of her. I am thankful my husband never provides a dull moment.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Camper

My family gets together every year for a Downs Reunion. This year we went up to Estes Park to camp. Being a first time mother and naive I figured this would be a lot of fun for Lexi. Lexi had major separation anxiety issues plus she would not take a nap unless someone was holding her. She cried a lot, I felt it was more than a lot. I kept feeling sorry for everyone around us that had to hear her crying. My cute 8 year old niece Courtney said, "She is really cute, but she hurts my ears when she cries."
To calm Lexi down I will sing Primary songs or nursery rhymes. Lexi once again was crying for who knows why and all of my cute nieces came to the rescue to sing to her. It was very precious. My adorable niece Addison who is 5requested we sing I Love to See the Temple and she knew every single word. It was very sweet. My family was very patient with our screaming dramatic baby and we did have a great time now looking back. Some of the major highlights were my sister in law Stacie's brother and his family that live in CO were able to come up for a night. They have a twelve month old who was a super camper! We played jump rope and I was still able to double dutch, which was way exciting. We took a beautiful drive up to the timberline that was filled with all kinds of amazing scenery. I am so thankful we have these reunions with everyone split up. Through all of the tears we were able to get some pictures of a happy babe.

A Day at the Zoo

Lexi had her first experience at the Zoo with Grandma Lund, Aunt Kristin, and her cousins Mischa, Conner and Riley. Everyone in Denver must have decided to go to the zoo that day because we had to park about a mile away from the entrance, but we still had a lot of fun. Lexi's favorite things were the Zebra's and the carousel ride. She didn't nap all afternoon and as soon as we headed out she fell right to sleep.