Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is no secret that Nate and I are huge Disney fans. We both love the movies and love to play Disney Scene It. We decided that when Lexi was born she would become Princess Cinderella. She is the oldest, which means she will have the roughest road of rules, the least amount of money, and the most chores. She seems to be a natural at chores. She loves to find a rag and start washing the walls, or a swiffer sweeper and sweep, or the swiffer duster and dust. She gets very angry when cleaning time is over.

The Real Riley

Lexi loves her cousin Riley. It would be safe to say that he is her best friend at this point in her life. She loves him so much she has decided to name all of her dolls Riley. The real Riley is on the top and her other favorite Riley is on the bottom. They are a lot of fun to watch interact together. Lexi is about 4 months older than Riley, but she thinks he is her baby. The bottle she is holding, she loves to feed to him. Riley usually accepts willingly. When I change Riley's diapers Lexi loves to help in any way, which means she is in the way. If Riley isn't drinking a drink and Lexi finds a sippy cup she will chase him around the house attempting to feed him. She loves to brush his hair and try to dress him in her doll clothes. They get a long so well for two one year olds. My favorite is when they start making each other laugh by falling down or chasing each other. We adore Riley and love having him come over.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun Summer!

I haven't been able to take many pictures lately, Lexi doesn't want to pose for me. Whenever I get the camera out she always wants to play with it, I say no and then she cries. We have a few from the 4th I will post later. We had a BBQ with Nate's family and played rock band. Lexi LOVES rock band. She takes the microphone, sits on Nate's sister Kristin's lap and sings very loudly. Everyone is patient to let her have her fun. My sister Natalie drove out and we went up to Devils Head. It was so pretty from all of the rain that we have been receiving. We were planning on going to the city festivities that evening, but it rained. We had a good time inside with pizza and movies. This summer Lexi has enjoyed swimming, parks and mostly rocks. She could play with rocks for hours. The best news we received this summer was right after we got back from California. I kept feeling the motion sickness from the plane two days after we got home. Sure enough I was pregnant!!! Our new arrival is due January 21st, ten days after Lexi's birthday. I am going to go VBAC at this point. Call me crazy, but I do want to experience child birth and not have another C-Section unless it is necessary. I will post some pictures soon.