Thursday, March 19, 2009

Visit with Grandma Downs and Company

Lexi and I drove out to Utah to visit our family out here and had a blast!!! The drive out was surprsingly quiet. I didn't know what to expect from Lexi considering she was diagoned with the flu and croup two days before our trip. She slept most of the way and was very happy to arrive at Grandma's. This is a four generation photo. My dad, me, Lexi and Lexi's great grandma, my dad's mother.

During the trip we were able to relax and have a few surprises. My mom and I wanted to go shopping so we went to Kohl's. They had the Easter ducks and my mom was showing them to Lexi. She kept repeating the word duck the rest of the day. Before we left for Utah we took a drive down to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs with Nate. At this time Lexi was taking a few steps by herself, but always wanted assistance walking. Today we went to the park and she didn't want any help and walked around the entire park all by herself. She did face plant in the molch, but dusted herself off and kept going.

My older brother Trent and his family live a ways out from my mom, so we took a drive to have dinner with them. Lexi was ready with sunglasses and all! Trent made delicious hamburgers and potatoe salad. Talon and Lexi enjoyed their milk. After the gathering we dropped off my little brother Jake and Lexi waved bye bye and said , "Bye Jake." She kept waving her hand until we reached the freeway.

My mom and I took Lexi to dinosaur park and we all had a great time. The weather was beautiful and Lexi loved the dinosaurs and sitting on the rocks. We have one very exciting visit left to make and then we are headed back home. We are very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.