Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

We had a really fun Fathers Day! I started out by making Nate biscuits and gravy with a side a fruit for breakfast. He then opened up his presents. I bought him the X Men trilogy, mostly because X3 was the movie we saw on our first date and he was given frames for the front room and for his desk at work. We attended church then went over to Nate's parents house to celebrate Fathers Day with everyone. Lexi is having social issues and doesn't want to be with anyone but me lately, so we are working on breaking her of that. Any suggestions would be wonderful! Even through the busy times of school and work Nate always makes time for his girls. He is so wonderful! Last week Lexi caught a virus and had a cough, runny nose and a fever. Of course we had made plans to go to the zoo, a play date with Shyler Miller, a play date with people from our ward, and a church party. But the important thing is she is feeling much better. As sad as it was to see her not feel good, she was so cute when she coughed. Sorry there are no pictures our computer is being darn and won't let me transfer them from the camera :( .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5 Months Old

Lexi is 5 months old today! She has developed a little bit of an attitude. For example, last night Nate put her to bed and she cried and cried so he went and got her. After he picked her up, she avoided eye contact at all costs because she was so mad at him. Lexi is a very happy baby and has an adorable laugh. She has began rolling around and is loving all her new toys from the baby shower.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Utah Trip

Our Family drove out to visit my side of the family a couple of weeks ago and had a very good time. This was the first time most family members were able to meet Lexi. We started out with a baby shower that was a lot of fun and Lexi was given a lot of cute summer clothes and fun toys. My niece Addison is a huge helper and loved helping give our presents and passing out napkins. My mother in law and wonderful sister in laws Juila and Kristin came, and of course as always Lexi fell asleep in her Grandma's arms.

After the shower we went to mine and Nate's favorite burger stop, Burger Bar. Nate said that was one of the high lights of his trip. The burgers there are amazing.
One of the main events of the trip was going to see our new nephew Kameron James Lund blessed. However I thought that Nate grabbed the camera and I assumed he did, so needless to say we have no pictures. But just imagine a very happy baby with a huge smile. He is adorable! We had a lot of fun at the Bartlett's playing settlers. On Monday we went to visit my Grandpa and Grandma Cheever. My Grandma suffers from dementia and is currently in a nursing home right now. She loved seeing Lexi! She has only met Nate one time, our wedding day, and we asked her if she remembered who he was and she simply said, "He looks like he belongs." My favorite part was that Lexi was able to meet a hero. Through all of my Grandma's physical and mental suffering if you ask her how she is she will simply say,"Happy! Is there any other way to be?"
After the wonderful visit we headed over the the Hill Air Force Base Museum. Nate had never been there before and I loved going there as a kid. We had a great time looking and all the different planes and learning more about the Air Force.

Our favorite times were spending time with family. Nate left a week earlier than Lexi and me. After he left my sister Natalie from California drove up. We went over to my brother Trent's in Salt Lake for dinner and games. While we were eating I noticed Talon had something shiny on his finger and was going to give it to Lexi. Trent jumped from his chair and discovered Talon was attempting to share his bugers with Lexi. Talon and Addison loved helping out the baby.

At the conclusion of our trip we had a barbecue out in the back yard with my sisters, parents, little brother and his awesome finance Bre. We had a lot of fun and we are so thankful to be part of such a wonderful family.