Monday, August 17, 2009

Downs Derby

Each year my side of the family gets together for a reunion. I named it the "Downs Derby", pretty clever, nobody else seems to think of it that way so they call it a family reunion. We decided to pull an all nighter and left Colorado at 7PM and arrived in Utah at 3:30 AM. Lexi did great!!! She was so quiet and slept. Her Grandpa Downs was so nice and set up the little pool for her in their backyard and she had a great time swimming! I think her favorite part was her cousin Talon. He was so cute with her and would hold her hand and give her loves and kisses. She would get so excited each time he came by her.

During the Derby we went to a Pioneer Park up in Logan. We had a great time. We threw tomahawks, went to a tea party and Lexi rode on a pony. The following day we went bowling. Lexi loved cheering for everyone and giving them high five after they bowled. I can't believe summer is almost over!!