Sunday, September 14, 2008

To Kansas and Back Again

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to drive out to Kansas to visit my oldest brother and be a part his daughter Courtney's baptism. We left at about 5:30 AM and Lexi did great until 7:30 AM. Until we arrived at about 3:30 PM the drive was filled with twenty minute intervals of not crying, but screaming. Luckily we had Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CD to tune her out with. It was so great to visit with Mike and his adorable family. The kids loved having Lexi around and she loved all of the attention. Mike has a fun filled basement plus he owns some horses. He was nice enough to let Lexi and Nate ride them. I don't really care for horses, honestly because I am afraid of them. The barn we are standing in front of in the picture above is almost over 100 years old!

Courtney and Mike at the baptism

Lexi and Mike on the horse

Lexi and Grandma Downs at the Farm

Lexi petting Frosty, she loved being around the horses

Lexi with Troy and Kenzie


Sarah said...

Fun! I didn't know you were going along with your parents to the baptism. It's looks like you had a wonderful time! Did you happen to take a pit stop in Hays?

Care Bear said...

I can't believe how BIG she is getting! Thats one adorable little girl you have there Dre! Miss you lots!!!

Karen and Matt said...

Glad you were able to go see Mike and his fam! I hate long drives with screaming babies, yuck. Glad you had something to tune her out with though! Cute pictures! =)

Jodi said...

Hey Dre! It's your cousin Jodi (kurt's wife). I found Staci's blog through a friends' and then found yours through hers. Its good to see your fam. -Jodi Cheever
my blog is

Tim and Family said...

I can't believe you don't like horses!! So Sad, but I'm glad Lexi enjoyed them. It is also good that you got to go out and be with your family for the baptism

Ben and Chelise said...

DRE!!! This is Chelise(Toledo) Elwood. Long time no see! How are you? Whats going on? I just created a blog. There are only a couple of posts though..but don't you worry i'll get some more posts going. Later!

Karen and Matt said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog under the post 8 things for more details. =)